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Double Insulation

The safe structure with double insulation or reinforced insulation to prevent electric shock.

When output torque is too big, clutch helps the shaft to stop rotating immediately toprotect the operator from accidental damage.
Spindle Lock
The Spindle can be locked when power off, so that it is easy to change grinder disc,saw blade and chuck etc.

Soft Start
Speed will rise gradually by electronic component control when motor start up, which will ensure smooth operation and improve the performance.
Forward/Reverse Rotation
The function of clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation for convenient operation.

Constant Power Control
Output power will keep constant by electronic component control even under
different speeds tomeet special work
Variable Speed
The system provides variable speed through PCB in order to meet different work requirements.
Track cutting movemet
Jig saw blade can be set in different cutting track so as to meet differe nt materials.
Drill Function
Tool has the drill function by shaft rotating to get the speed and torque.
Brake stops tool rotating immediately without any inertial movement when power
off in order to protect operator.
Hammer Function
Tool has the hammer function by working head’s impacting.
Bevel Cutting L45
Saw blade can turn left vertical position.
Hammer/Drill Function
Tool has the function of drilling on crisp material by working head’simpacting &
Outlet For Dust Collection
Dust collection outlet connects dust bag or cleaner generally. It ensures a clean and orderly working environment.
SDS-plus Drive
One connecting structure which can disassemble and change the drill bits easily.
Carrying case
The solid and durable case lodges the tool and all the accessories. It is convenient to
carry and use.
Mechanical 2-Speed
Transfer high speed or low speed conveniently by adjusting the mechanical
Bevel Cutting LR45
Saw blade can turn left or right from blade vertical position.
Lock-on button
It keeps the on-off switch being open for a durative operation.
Lock-off button
A safety setting to avoid accidental start-up The tool can not be started
without unlocking the button.
3 position Auxiliary Handle
The auxiliary handle can be set in 3 positions to enhance the advantage using.
Exchangeable brush
The carbon brush can be easily replaced without disassembling the tool.
2 position Auxiliary Handle
The auxiliary handle can be set in 2 positions to enhance the advantage using.
Ratcheting depth knob
It conveniently adjusts the ratcheting depth to fulfil requirements of different working object.
Protection guard
The safety component covering the disc can keep the spark or scraps off the operator.
Depth rod
It conveniently adjusts the height of workinghead to fulfil requirements of
different working object.
Accessory box
Accessory box stores drill bits for common using.
Safety switch
Miter saw's shield can be open or locked by this switch to enhance the operation safety
Soft Grip
Covered with s soft coat or rubber, the handle is comfortable to grip.
Battery pack

Composed of one or several batteries, the battery pack can be charged repeatly to gain the power.

Vertical adjustable button
When a vertical angle is selected , adjust the button to fix this angle.
Horizontal adjustable button
When a horizontal angle is selected , adjust the button to fix this angle.
Ergonomic laser guide helps operator to
make accurate and perfect cut.
Don't touch
Attention! Please do not touch it to avoid any danger or harm.
GS Certificate

GS Mark signals the product absolutely meets the German Safty Standard.

CE Certificate
It indicates that the product complies with the requirements of the European health,safety and environmental protection
B-Mark shows the productconformity to the polish Safety and EMC requirements.
UL certificate
It indicates that the product totally reachesthe Safety standard of America.
EPA Certificate
It indicates that the product totally reaches
the air pollution and emission standard of
America by U.S. Environmental Protection


Euro II Emission Standard
It indicates that the product totally reaches the Euro II Standard for exhaust emissions.


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