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·Professional Technology
Relying on the abundant scientific strength, we never stop being overcritical to the details of our products and keep improving products and ourselves. Adopting innovation theory, we are pursuing super excellence while the development of technology is emphasized.
The ARGES series, which we promote by  research and development, is the success crystal of profound engineers' effort in design, unceasing innovation and repeated experiments. Thanks to the ergonomic design, professional quality, normative engineering, the products meet professional market needs not only in terms of humanity but also the top ranking design.
·Professional Quality
Quality is more than the life of our enterprise. It is the foundation of all employees' activities. Hence, it drives our action in making excessive demands in every detail, every procedure and every execution just for brilliant quality. We create the success for our customers by identifying & meeting their needs and providing top class quality products and services.
Our ARGES series are produced in our factory certificated with ISO 9001:2000, all with international and domestic patents, GS, CE, UL, EPA, etc.. The safety and reliability satisfy professional customers.
·Professional Talent
We respect, value, select and cultivate people. The professional trainings are arranged for their improvement in design and service to fit the professional market.
We have an excellent, high effective, professional team. Here we transfer the responsibility to the individual specialized departments, and therefore to the individual employee. This responsibility is demanding but-at the same time-we offer them flexible and free working environment where they can completely show themselves, elaborate their whole potentials and enthusiasm. Hereby they contribute to the group with their best performance in order to grow with the company together.
·Professional Service
We want to be the best partner of our customers by identifying the markets needs together, then providing the latest service and finally satisfying customers' real needs for products and service. Simultaneously, we supply them the most timely, effective and valuable service and create a high qualified, high standard and professional team together with customers.
·Brand and Core Value Outlook
We focus on every detail and all production procedures of products even from the smallest single screw and nut up to products design, packaging, all without any carelessness.
We adhere to walk a road full of innovation and excellence. The ARGES brand is created with our whole group's efforts as an accomplishment of continuous exploration. We carry out the brand strategy and make all our efforts to develop the exquisite, precise, smart and high quality, high oriented, high tasted products.
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