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Power Tools

Its high efficiency and reliable performance help people effect the work in drilling all kinds of concrete, steel and wood with opintional impulse mode. In this case,people can always get the excate machine that they want for their work. ARGES tools, your wise choice!

Arges-DIY drills are designed for householding and...
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Whether working inside or outside,our hammers alwa...
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Angle Grinders
Excellent tools can exceed from practice. Our Arge...
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Power Planers
It is ideally used in ordinary woodworking and ens...
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Belt Sanders
Work longer,harder and faster! Turn your working b...
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They have been designed to high end specifications...
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Jig Saws
Electric jig saw is designed for woodworking opera...
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Cut-Off Machines
It is the ideal cut-off machine for general contra...
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Marble Cutters
Marble cutters with greater cutting performance ar...
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Arges-DIY polishers are designed to make your task...
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